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Original and unique lamps made from recycled objects by Jojo in Montpellier

  • Montpellier, France: Based in or near Montpellier
  • Gifts, souvenirs and decorations: Original, high quality objects for you, your place or someone back home
  • ££: Products between £15 and £50
  • £££: Products above £50
Jojo - Avocadeau34


Jojo specialises in creating lamps from recycled objects.

In his spare time around his seasonal work, he transforms often old objects, musical instruments, old telephones, into lamps from his workshop in Montpellier.

Materials - Avocadeau34

Giving a second life to objects


He hunts for his objects in flea markets, recycling centres and sometimes on the internet to find a rare pearl. He can also count on his friends, flatmates, neighbours or customers who don't hesitate to bring him objects that are no longer useful, to save them from the bin.

Inspiration - Avocadeau34


The creative process often starts with finding a beautiful object in which he sees potential.

It can take some time from the moment he finds an object to the moment he finds the solution to turn it into a lamp, to reveal its full potential. An object may take 6 months, or a year before the idea is born, or a second object is combined to create one! But Jojo enjoys the technical challenge of finding solutions.

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Great gifts

Jojo speaks French, English and Spanish and can send all his lamps abroad. Feel free to contact him via facebook if you have a question.

He works in his workshop in his flat in Montpellier and would be happy to show you his creations. Do not hesitate to contact him to make an appointment.

“Jordan is very friendly and open to new suggestions about his work. If you would like to see his work, he sells in several different locations around Montpellier and from his home.”

Natasha (Natif Creatif)

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Find Avocadeau34

18 Rue de la Valfere, 34000 Montpellier, France

Jojo's lamps are sold in a few places in 2022, but it may change next year :

- Le clandestin wine and tapas bar. If you go for the musical jam on Thursday you will probably see the artist with his saxophone!

Tuesday - Saturday: 6pm to 1am

Sunday and Monday: CLOSED

- L'oignon givré restaurant/cantine: exhibition visible until the end of November then some lamps will remain on display.

- Drôle de pain, artisanal bakery on avenue du mondial 98.

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