Béatrice Constans - Béatrice Constans

Béatrice Constans

Ceramist Béatrice handcrafts earthenware ceramics in the heart of St. Jean de Fos

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Béatrice - Béatrice Constans

Workshop/boutique located in the heart of Saint Jean de Fos.


Béatrice has been a professional ceramist since 2010.

She works with white earthenware, and applies colored oxides to the raw pieces. She then decorates them with the sgraffite technique. The pieces are fired twice, firstly at 980°C to set the color, then at 1030°C for glazing.

As well as home decoration, she manages to bridge the functional and the artistic through handcrafting urban and architectural objects such as claustras, murals and lighting fixtures at the Atelier de Recherche.

See Beatrice explain her art here (video in French).

She uses the ancient Japanese technique of raku, which enables her to create instinctive work a refined style, most often in black and white or in a shade of green that she has designed as a reflection of nature.

Béatrice Constans
Inspiration and Style - Béatrice Constans

Inspiration and Style

Béatrice's artistic inspirations include Modigliani, Picasso, Vazarelly, Hundertwasser, Hokusaï and Japanese prints. She uses line to create motifs, inspired by nature or natural geometry.

Saint Jean de Fos in the South of France is a charming little village world-famous for it's pottery. The video below introduces the village and it's history of pottery (in French only). It's full of pottery shops and workshops where you can see the potters work or take part in a workshop. To find out more about events or workshops, you can read about the Saint Jean de Fos potters' association here.

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Find Béatrice Constans

Rue de l'Horloge, 34150 Saint-Jean-de-Fos, France

Monday to Sunday : 11am to 6pm

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