Best Artisanal Mother's Day Gifts in France
Best Artisanal Mother's Day Gifts in France

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Best Artisanal Mother's Day Gifts in France

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Mother's Day Gifts

Looking for something a little different to the standard flowers, chocolates, and mass-produced cards?

As always, a quick search of natifcreatif artisans offers loads of wonderfully original, locally made gifts suited to all budgets. At the moment we're only showing Montpellier (France) and Bristol (UK), but would love to expand, so if you are, or know of, an artisan who would like to reach new markets, get in touch!

Maybe Mother's Day is the excuse you've been looking for to try your hand at crafts, but you're struggling for inspiration? 'Elle' have a list of ideas for sweet handmade presents which won’t break the bank here.

Looking for a non-Hallmark card but don't have time (or possibly the talent!) to make one?

Try FB PaperArt - Faye has a selection of cards and paper art pictures ready made (see below), but also takes commisions for personalized pieces.

Workshops all over France

There are so many creative workshops in the Montpellier, you can easily find one suited to her below.

But if you are elsewhere in France, this wecando page has a wonderful list of all the special workshops available all over France.

Experiences and workshops in the South of France

There's nothing better than being able to create something exactly as you want and imagined while learning a new skill!

Interior design and decoration

She can learn to make her own customised lamp in just 4 hours with Carole Akdogan, a beautiful and original stained glass window with Angeline at Atelier Vitrail, or unique mosaics with Erica at Frammenti in the heart of Montpellier. Scrapbooking classes at Ilot des Arts (also in the center of Montpellier) are excellent value for money for a few hours of fun and relaxation and Camille at Claycraft offers a range of pottery classes - from 2 hours, to whole weekends or even weekly classes.

For classes from home, Marie-Noelle has online ink and watercolour painting classes.


Traditional French patisserie with Sebastien Maillet pastry classes (Sebastien comes fully equipped to your home), or gluten free goodness with Saveurs d'Amarante.

Recycling and sewing

Natalie at Chiloée Scraps gives short, affordable classes on upcycling and repairing much loved clothes with style through creative repairs. Sunny Moon founder Marion also runs sewing workshops starting at 3 hours for all levels in the heart of Montpellier.

Mum can learn to make her very own shoes, bags and belts from recycled leather at the Au fil de Coline boutique.


Is your mum a fan of guitars? She can make her very own guitar from scratch with Pierre-Marie at PMC Guitars in just one week.

What gift can I get for the mother of a child under five?

You're in luck, thoughtful and meaningful options at a variety of prices abound!

Consider a personalized photo album or a custom-made piece of jewelry featuring the child's name or birthstone. Local, independent artisans are abundant but sometimes hard to find - if you're in England, Eily O Connell makes spectacular pieces and would be delighted to discuss possibilties (see picture far right).

For personalised French goodies in resin, try the couple at La Maison Rez'in (picture centre - right) while for timeless up-market handmade jewellery, Le biso and MAHTE bijoux are both excellent choices (center-left and left respectively).

A subscription to a parenting magazine or a book on child development could also be a great choice, offering valuable insights and support. Of course, independent book shops like those listed in Bristol, London or France (this link is in French) help support locals rather than Amazon...

For those who enjoy capturing memories, a high-quality camera or a photo session with a professional photographer could be a treasured gift. The Canon EOS R50 Mirrorless Camera (at $799.99, it's one of the pricier options) is light, easy to use and great for beginners.

Additionally, a handmade craft or artwork created by the child, such as a finger-painted masterpiece or a handcrafted card, would undoubtedly bring joy.

Gift ideas for the mother of a child between five and ten

For mothers with children between the ages of five and ten, consider gifts that foster creativity and quality time together.

A family board game or a puzzle can provide hours of fun and bonding for the whole family.

A subscription to a children's book club can encourage a love for reading and storytelling. Or howabout encouraging her to put pen to paper herself with a beautiful handmade notebook from Cléo Lebrun (left and center)?

Personalized jewelry featuring the child's initials like those as La Maison Rez'in or birthstone serves as a sentimental keepsake, check out L'Opal'in Boutique (south of France) or Katie Johnston Jewellery (Bristol). If your mum prefers fun and colourful jewellery, have a look at the polymer clay wonders from Créations Cristalline or Mélodie in Wonderland (right) are bound to lift her mood and add a touch of sparkle and joy.

Additionally, a day out at a local amusement park or a picnic in the park can create memories for everyone involved.

What to get mothers of children between ten and sixteen

The teenage years are a time of growth and self-discovery, and our wonderful mothers guide and support us throughout.

Thoughtful gifts can include experiences that promote bonding and self-expression. Consider a mother-child cooking class or a DIY craft workshop where they can learn and create together. If your Mum's in the south of France and would like to make the delicious, traditional macaroon, Eléonore (pic on the left) gives classes for all levels in your home or hers. As for workshops, Frammenti in the center of Montpellier (center pic) offer mosaic making classes or you can give the gift of a pottery class at Claycraft (right).

A journal or a scrapbooking kit can provide an outlet for self-reflection and shared creativity. Check out scrapbooking workshops in the centre of Montpellier at Ilot des Arts for a fun, relaxing and creative morning or afternoon.

A personalized piece of jewelry with an engraved message can serve as a heartfelt reminder of their unique bond. For high quality customized pieces, contact Le biso (France), MAHTE bijoux (France) or Eily O Connell (UK).

Additionally, tickets to a concert or a sporting event that aligns with the child's interests can make for an exciting shared experience

Ideas for mothers with adult children

You're all grown up and a pasta necklace just won't cut it anymore. So, consider options that focus on individuality and shared memories. As seen above, a personalized photo book showcasing cherished moments and milestones can be a touching gift, while a spa day or a wellness retreat provides an opportunity for relaxation and self-care.

Enrolling in a cooking class or a creative workshop together allows for quality time and shared experiences which may be few and far between if you work, have a family of your own or live away from home.

A personalized piece of jewelry that symbolizes their bond, such as a mother-child birthstone necklace, can hold deep sentimental value.

For mums who like giving - have a look at buying a bracelet from who give 100% of their profits to grants for families struggling with adoption costs.

For active mums - bikes (The Electra Loft 7D is supposedly very good), walking poles (Jetti poles for example) or badminton/tennis material.

The best French phrases to know for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! - Bonne fête des mères !

Breakfast in bed - Petit déjeuner au lit

A gift - Un cadeau

I love you, Mum - Je t'aime, maman

Would you like to know more about Mother's Day in France and around the world?  Check out our article on Mother's Day !

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