Where are all the artisanal shops in Paris?
Where are all the artisanal shops in Paris?

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Supporting local creators in Paris

Where are the artisanal shops in Paris?

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Strolling around central Paris, every other shop seems to be chic furniture, designer clothes and beautiful, elegant home decorations. 

This is unsurprising when we see that the Parisien GDP per habitant in 2001 was 62 105 euros, the highest in France by far. On top of that, tourism brings in a lovely 21,7 billion just in the Ile de France alone  - from a staggering 47,5 million tourists per yearTo put it in context - in 2022 international tourism expenditure was just over 57 billion euros in the whole of France.

As well as tourists' spending power, Paris is home to over 2.1 million people. Surely some of them are artisans?

The population is there and the spending power is certainly there: so where are all the Parisien creators, artists and craftspeople?

Wandering the streets of much smaller cities like Avignon, Sete or even Montpellier, you come across more artisanal boutiques supporting local creators than in this capital city!

Interview with the founder of an artisanal boutique in Paris

We spoke to the wonderful Véronique (pictured above), founder of artisanal tableware boutique Table et Création in the 17th district, about why there are so few artisanal boutiques in Paris and how we can help local artisans.

Why do you think there are so few craft shops in Paris?

I made this observation when I was working on the Table & Création project....

The craze for artisanal creations is still new and there aren't many boutiques yet.
What's more, rents in Paris are prohibitive, making it hard to develop a profitable craft business. That's why handicrafts are most often found in pop-up stores and ephemeral events (markets, fairs, etc.).

Where is the best place to find locally or hand-made in Paris?

Undoubtedly the Empreintes boutique in the Marais, which represents the ateliers d'Art de France.
I also really like the Klin d'œil boutique in the 11th arrondissement. For ceramics, I recommend not missing the St Sulpice market at the end of June. And of course TABLE & CRÉATION, for all things tableware!

How can consumers support local craftspeople?

By buying their creations! By telling people about their discoveries. Very often, my customers discover artisans on their holiday and tell me about them afterwards. Don't hesitate to follow them on social networks too. More and more craftspeople are using platforms to promote their business and sell their products. The most important thing is to stop buying fake artisan products, i.e. industrialised products that imitate craftsmanship.

What are the advantages of buying artisanal products rather than mass-produced goods?

You support local activity. Artisanal products are one-off pieces or small series, produced with the utmost respect for the environment. These are products with a soul that you can keep for a long time, unlike mass-produced goods that you tire of very quickly.

Why is it important for you to stock products that are made locally rather than products made in other
other countries and shipped to France, for example ‘Made in China’ products?

For me, TABLE & CRÉATION's mission is to promote craftsmanship and Made in France. Why buy products made on the other side of the world when we have so much talent in France?

What do you think tourists to Paris need to remember when deciding where to spend their money on a gift or souvenir?

Tourists should always remember to check where the item they are going to buy is produced. Don't hesitate to get off the beaten track; Paris is full of quiet little streets where you can find some very pretty things.

Handmade in Paris on the web

A quick ‘Artisanal shops in Paris’ Google search shows a bizarrely weak display of boutiques selling handmade goodies from local Parisians. In fact, tiles made in Morocco sold in Paris and builder artisans for home renovations are the first results. 

Not exactly what the people ready to spend their hard-earned cash on quality artisanal gifts, original clothes, elegant decorations and unique souvenirs are looking for...

Picture below: quality handmade tablewares from Table et Création.

Where are all the artisanal shops in Paris?

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