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Carlisse et Regamelle

A boutique selling handcrafted jewellery in the centre of Avignon

  • Avignon: In and around Avignon, France
  • £: Products under £15
  • ££: Products between £15 and £50
Liliane - Carlisse et Regamelle

Handcrafted costume jewellery


Liliane opened her boutique in the heart of Avignon in 2001, naming it after her two cats, Réglisse and Caramel. Mixing up their names, she came up with Carlisse and Regamelle.

She crafts her jewellery in the back of the boutique which is a real Aladdin's cave of colourful earrings. You can meet her and discuss her original creations or get advice.

“I've always loved earrings, so over the years I've perfected a multitude of designs in noble, timeless materials, creating a veritable festival of colour. I'm happy to combine the many colours and shapes at my disposal to suggest original earrings that you can match to your outfits, whether for town, sport or parties.”

Liliane (Carlisse et Regamelle)

Affordable colourful, fairytale earrings - Carlisse et Regamelle

Support a local artisan

Affordable colourful, fairytale earrings

Looking for an unusual present or something for yourself?

Carlisse et Regamelle is a great place to find unique handmade jewellery without breaking the bank.

'I've never lost sight of one essential condition in my eyes: to offer jewellery at reasonable prices so that you can change it, often!'

- Liliane de Carlisse et Regamelle

Original gifts or souvenirs from your time in Avignon

Avignon is a lovely place to visit with plenty of little boutiques selling locally handmade wares.

You can see more about the artisanal side of things on the 'Les Fabricateurs' website and more about what to do and see in the town on the Avignon tourism website.

“Packaging is part of the pleasure of receiving. That's why I don't leave anything to chance: whether as a gift or for yourself, you'll discover the earrings in a neat pouch.”

Liliane (carlisse & Régamelle)

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