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Dakota Rae Dust

Bold, colourful joy bringing jewellery in new and recycled textiles from designer Bec Denton

  • Bristol, UK: Based in or around Bristol
  • Gifts, souvenirs and decorations: Original, high quality objects for you, your place or someone back home
  • £: Products under £15
  • ££: Products between £15 and £50
Bec - Dakota Rae Dust


Bec started her company creating things in 2014. She gained many years of experience with clothes, bags and home decoration before settling on her passion – jewellery - in 2018.

Bec has a degree in textiles and surface design. After working for 5 years in London designing prints and embroideries for women’s wear and 7 years at a small but colourful rave wear brand she decided the time was right to start a small business of her own. Initially while working a full time job, Bec used vintage and secondhand fabrics to make clutch purses, cushions, rosettes and embellish clothing. In 2014 she began selling these at a monthly market in Frome, Somerset which she still fondly describes as her ‘original market family’.

After several years spent honing techniques and trialing an array of products, in 2018 bec began experimenting with jewellery. Statement earrings and necklaces now form the majority of her product range.

Inspirations - Dakota Rae Dust

Bec loves to make accessorizing fun, playful and colourful.


As you may have noticed Bec is a big fan of bright colour. Experimenting with new colour combinations and unexpected ways to use her secondhand textiles is what inspires her most.

It is her hope that fellow fans of bright colour and texture will also feel excited and inspired by her wares. Every pair of statement earrings, bib necklace or dainty studs are designed with the aim of giving the wearer a mood lifting confidence boost.

Bec believes we should all ‘wear more happy colour’.

The materials - Dakota Rae Dust

Recycled or bought new

The materials

Every piece of dakota rae dust jewellery features some secondhand textiles. Many of her laser cut designs are backed with recycled patterned fabrics and other styles are entirely made from secondhand textiles. Wherever possible Bec tries to repurpose instead of buy new.

These secondhand fabrics are sourced from Textile recycling centres, charity shops and via donations from other makers and friends. Everything is machine washed before being repurposed.

Sometimes the back of a piece of jewellery comes from a recycled piece, whereas the front uses new materials, or vice versa. If this is something that interests you, don’t hesitate to ask Bec, she would be more than happy to answer your questions.

““I primarily use old garments, discarded for being out of fashion, having small imperfections or simply being an unpopular size. When out fabric hunting I look for colours and textures that could work well with my vinyl patterns and for any eye catching prints. I love the challenge of giving these fabrics a new lease of life and giving others the opportunity to appreciate their beauty. A recent favourite make has been a very small run of clutch purses. These were cut from a tropical, floral print ‘housecoat’ !?, that I rescued from a French brocante (flea market) while on holiday a few years ago. I think the original garment was reduced to 2 euro!!””

Bec (Dakota Rae Dust)

The process - Dakota Rae Dust

The process

Bec’s creations combine bold vinyl print patterns, designed on illustrator, with new and found fabrics.

All her fabrics are backed to make them more durable then cut, either by laser or with scissors. The vinyl prints are applied by hand and the components are either stitched or glued into place. Despite now being known for her statement jewellery Bec has never learnt any traditional jewellery making techniques. Instead choosing to develop a unique style of her own based on her background in textiles and sewing.

“These are wonderful statement pieces; if anything the choice of clothes should be made on Bec’s jewellery and not vice versa! If you’re after something special for yourself or a friend handmade with love in Bristol I recommend checking out Dakota Rae Dust.”

Natasha (Natif Creatif)

Dakota Rae Dust

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Bec is an independent Bristolian artist and doesn't have a regular market at the moment.

Click HERE for details of her upcoming markets and in-person events.

For more behind the scenes news and updates about new designs you can follow her on social media here and here.