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Eily O Connell

Exquisite one-of-a-kind macabre jewellery inspired by the sea and forests, handcrafted by Eily in Bristol.

  • Bristol, UK: Based in or around Bristol
  • Gifts, souvenirs and decorations: Original, high quality objects for you, your place or someone back home
  • Local: Made with local ingredients or raw materials
  • £££: Products above £50
Eily - Eily O Connell


Originally from Donegal in Ireland, Eily now lives and works in Bristol. She has done three residencies in Amsterdam, Ireland and Iceland and has studied nature and the effect of mankind on nature every step of the way.

She is fiercely aware of the negative impact we humans have on the environment and represents it through her work, for example in her ‘shells’ series which illustrates how all shell life is being gradually destroyed by increased acidity in the ocean due to global warming.

Ethics - Eily O Connell


Whenever possible, Eily uses recycled materials, metals and fair-trade gems. Boxes and marketing materials are all recycled. If you have a question or suggestion for Eily, don’t hesitate to contact her through her website.

Inspirations - Eily O Connell


Having grown up in Ireland, the sea influenced Eily’s early creativity and still plays a large role in her creative process today. She forages beaches and forests to find natural treasures and then creates hybrid pieces in which natural forms are cast into various metals and embellished with gemstones.

“Creating wearable macabre treasures that have a mysterious and other worldly presence, I carefully select an assortment of natural forms that each have appeal and intrinsic character. Studying them delicately before deciding how I will encapsulate their inherent attributes by recording them in a metal opens a new world for them, allowing change in their disposition, enhancing their mystic.”

Eily O'Connell

Meaningful gifts - Eily O Connell

Meaningful gifts

If you’re looking for a unique wedding, engagement ring, or something extra special for a loved-one, have a peek at Eily’s collections. Given the time-consuming process and attention to detail, much of her work is higher end but she also has wonderful pieces for smaller budgets (starting at about 80 euros). She also has a collection of men's jewellery, which is worth checking out.

Eily O Connell

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a commission with Eily, you can meet her at her Bristol studio (on appointment only) or by email. She has experience working with people all over the planet and would be delighted to discuss your project with you.

Alternatively, if you have found your own little treasure (which fits Eily’s themes of nature or the sea), you can contact her to see about having it casted and/or embellished to your own specifications.

“Eily is a delight to talk to and it’s clear that she does what she loves. Her work shows an infectious enthusiasm for not only nature’s forms, but also it’s fragility.”

Natasha (Natif Creatif)

Featured in The Outlaws

Ever watched a series and marvelled at the costumes and accessories?

Keep an eye open for Eily’s jewellery in the BBC Drama, The Outlaws on BBC One and Amazon Prime!

Her blue enamelled acorn earrings, smiley face pendant and snake skin enamelled dress ring all make appearances!

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Find Eily O Connell

31 The Mall, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4JG, Royaume-Uni

Stockists include the Clifton Rocks Gallery (pinned on the map) in Bristol. A complete list of Eily's stockists can be found here.

Eily creates in Barton Hill studios which is not generally open to the public.

Appointments in the studios with the artist makers are on reservation only, but they do host classes, courses and events which you can find out here.

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