Eric et les chics filles - Eric et les chics filles

Eric et les chics filles

A collective of local artisans in the heart of Avignon

  • Avignon: In and around Avignon, France
  • Gifts, souvenirs and decorations: Original, high quality objects for you, your place or someone back home
  • Clothes: Beautiful, locally made clothes
  • Local: Made with local ingredients or raw materials
  • £: Products under £15
  • ££: Products between £15 and £50
  • £££: Products above £50
Showcasing local designers and artisans - Eric et les chics filles

In the heart of Avignon

Showcasing local designers and artisans

Éric Deveaux set up his boutique / workshop in 2001.

He showcased creations from a selection of local designers for 11 years.

In 2012, the boutique evolved into a collective training centre with a lively bunch of creator/artisans who made up Eric's team of 'chics filles' (elegant girls)!

They include nine local artisans and designers offering jewellery, accessories, women's ready-to-wear and a variety of creations for children.

Original, timeless creations that change with the seasons - Eric et les chics filles

Original, timeless creations that change with the seasons

Promoting the expertise behind handmade products

Why not pop in to this charming boutique where you'll find beautiful, locally handmade jewellery, textile accessories and feminine outfits on display: flowing or structured, colourful or printed.

They haven't forgotten your little ones either, with a whole range of knitwear and kidswear, accessories and games.

There are also paper or felt creations for the home, lamps, decorations and cellar or vegetable garden notebooks...

“Let yourself be seduced by refined silver jewellery set off with fine stones, ethnic-chic ornaments in ceramic and brass or resin creations, headbands and other head accessories. You'll find everything from city bags to summer evening clutches to accessorise your outfits.”

Eric et les chics filles

Meet the team - Eric et les chics filles

Meet the team

All the creators at 'Eric & les chics filles' take it in turns to work in the boutique. So they are always there to help you find the creations that are right for you, or to suggest adaptations.

They'll be delighted to answer your questions about their creations or have a chat about their creative processes - the choice of materials, the different stages of production (from drawing to design...), the techniques and tools used.

Avignon - Eric et les chics filles


Image of Avignon Cathedral from awayandfar

Avignon is a wonderful city to visit at any time of the year. It has a rich history and world-famous monuments including the Palace of the Popes (Palais des Papes), Pontifical gardens and Avignon Bridge (Le pont d'Avignon). For year-round activities such as theatre productions, concerts, street festivals and more, you can see the full agenda on the Avignon tourism website.

It has a lively artisanal scene with the collective of artisans Les Fabricateurs doing a great job promoting them.

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Find Eric et les chics filles

33 Rue des Fourbisseurs, 84000 Avignon, France

Monday - Saturday: 10am to 7pm

Sunday and Monday: CLOSED

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