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Eleonore’s been making macarons since 2012 and won first place in the 2019-2021 regional best pastry awards.

  • Montpellier, France: Based in or near Montpellier
  • Food and drink: Delicious handmade food or drink
  • Local: Made with local ingredients or raw materials
  • Traditional: Products which are traditional to either the country or the region they are based in
  • £: Products under £15
Eleonore - L'Atelier d'Eléonore


Eleonore has loved baking since childhood. After graduating from a Parisian catering school she managed a restaurant for 5 years and then launched L'Atelier d'Eléonore in 2013.

Her macaroons were awarded the prestigious title of Best Macaroon in the Hérault in 2021 (Chambre des Métiers de l'Hérault). She attributes her success in large part to her fresh and selected ingredients.

Local, delicately flavored traditional French biscuits - L'Atelier d'Eléonore

From seasonal fruits to caramel and chocolate - there's something for everyone

Local, delicately flavored traditional French biscuits

Eleonore's macaroons are the result of long, painstaking trials. They are handmade in a professional kitchen in Montpellier, using fresh, selected ingredients.

She uses a 'French' meringue base which is lighter and less sweet than the Italian meringue found in most macaroons on the market.

All her ingredients come from France.

A list of sweet and savoury macaroons can be found here. They are all gluten-free and some are milk protein-free (look for the astericks on the list).

Individual or group macaroon making classes - L'Atelier d'Eléonore

Aprons to the ready - an excellent idea for the whole family, a hen party, birthday or anniversary gift!

Individual or group macaroon making classes

L'Atelier d'Eléonore classes - Discover how to make a large range of this classic French biscuit as well as more original seasonal flavours.

Eléonore can come to your home (Monday to Sunday) or welcome you to her professional kitchen (weekends only).

She speaks English and brings all the ingredients and equipment necessary.

Find out more on her website here.

“I didn't like macarons until I tried these! I recommend all of them, but my favourites are the salted butter caramel and fruit ones (she puts a piece of fruit in each).”

Natasha (Natif Creatif)

Edible gift ideas - L'Atelier d'Eléonore

Edible gift ideas

As well as gift boxes, Eléonore also offers other sweet delights that will charm your guests at dinners, christenings, weddings or other family gatherings.

Her twist on the traditional "Pièces Montées" using macaroons instead of profiteroles is sure to please.

Watch Eléonore making her delicious praline nut and chocolate macarons!

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Find L'Atelier d'Eléonore

Bd des Arceaux, 34000 Montpellier, France

Every Saturday in the Arceaux market from 7.30am to 1pm. She also delivers all orders over 50 euros.

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