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Le Rollier

Quality menswear handmade in Provence by Muriel

  • Avignon: In and around Avignon, France
  • Clothes: Beautiful, locally made clothes
  • ££: Products between £15 and £50
  • £££: Products above £50
Muriel - Le Rollier


Muriel designs, cuts and crafts each item with the lowest possible ecological impact, using quality fabrics and her expert finishing touches.


Environmentally friendly


Founded in 2018 in the southern Luberon, the 'Le Rollier' brand offers a range of quality men's clothing, produced in a traditional workshop where the expertise inherited from a long apprenticeship in clothing design and manufacture is put to good use.

From the creation of the sewing patterns to the fitting of the last buttons, Le Rollier garments are entirely designed and made in Provence, in Cadenet in the Vaucuse.


Boxers, long and short-sleeved shirts, aprons and jackets


Muriel's decision to focus exclusively on men was motivated by the scarcity of menswear on the market.

She wanted to break away from the usual standards by offering noble, solid materials, beautiful colours and elegant, wearable cuts.

The collections, produced in small batches, change with the seasons, depending on inspiration and trends.

Prices range from €35 for boxer shorts to €220 for woollen jackets.

“Very carefully made, beautiful cuts, beautiful seams, magnificent fabrics. A real pleasure to wear every day.”

Olivier Delaba - Customer

Fabrics - Le Rollier


'Le Rollier' uses only natural materials, selected for their quality, beauty and durability.

The fabrics are made from linen, cotton, wool or silk, and the buttons from raw wood.

They try as much as possible to use European fabrics, as these guarantee the traceability of the essential stages in their manufacture and offer ethical and ecological standards.

All the lengths of fabric used are pre-washed and decatised (steam ironed) to prevent any risk of the material changing once our garments are ready to wear.

This assures that 'Le Rollier' pieces will not change over time.

“France's textile industry has a bright future ahead of it, particularly with the recent relocation of linen and wool production and weaving operations in the country. As part of our commitment to this revival, we source some of our products from French partners.”

Muriel (Le Rollier)

Values - Le Rollier


Every stage of the design process (drawing, cutting, assembly and finishing) is meticulously carried out, guaranteeing impeccable results.

Muriel's sense of craftsmanship enables her to offer high-quality, durable and comfortable clothing for responsible men's fashion, the antithesis of 'fast-fashion'.

The cuts are relatively classic and easy to wear; it's mainly the fabrics used that give Le Rollier garments their originality, making them unique and great-looking pieces.

In short, Le Rollier creates everyday clothes that are made to last, that stand out from the ordinary without losing a certain sobriety.



The small workshop enables 'Le Rollier' to offer impeccable service and quality, and to make individual requests, in particular made-to-measure garments or orders for special cuts or fabrics.

They take pride and pleasure in developing, season after season, the garments that more and more of you are wearing and appreciating.

“"Our customers' feedback and loyalty are the best rewards for the quality work we are committed to pursuing through our brand.".”

Muriel (Le Rollier)