MAHTE bijoux - MAHTE bijoux

MAHTE bijoux

Handcrafted 925 silver or gold jewellery.

Mathilde designs, repairs, and hand crafts creations from scratch.

  • Montpellier, France: Based in or near Montpellier
  • Gifts, souvenirs and decorations: Original, high quality objects for you, your place or someone back home
  • Local: Made with local ingredients or raw materials
  • Traditional: Products which are traditional to either the country or the region they are based in
  • £££: Products above £50
Minimalist and original - MAHTE bijoux

Minimalist and original

Mathilde finds her ideas come from everything around her: decoration trends, fashion, art, but also landscapes, seasons and elements!

Handmade from scratch - MAHTE bijoux

Handmade from scratch

Mathilde works with precious metals, combining surface aspects and shapes for originality and elegance.

Existing original designs or entirely custom-made - MAHTE bijoux

Existing original designs or entirely custom-made

Do you have an original idea for a piece of jewellery?

Or would you like to buy a unique handmade piece?

MAHTE bijoux

Would you like a special souvenir of France or a handcrafted gift for a loved one?

Or do you simply want to repair one of your pieces of jewellery?

MAHTE bijoux

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Mathilde doesn't yet have a fixed point of sale. You can order from her website or contact her by email or facebook to have a chat about custom made jewellery or repairs.