Marie-Noelle Wurm - Marie-Noelle Wurm

Marie-Noelle Wurm

Delicate and dreamlike ink and watercolour paintings from Marie-Noelle

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Marie-Noelle - Marie-Noelle Wurm


Marie-Noelle is an American, German and French artist and illustrator. She has been living in Montpellier in the south of France since 2011.

Wonderfully dark, thought-provoking paintings - Marie-Noelle Wurm

Wonderfully dark, thought-provoking paintings

Marie-Noelle uses inks and watercolours to produce original paintings and illustrations.

Marie-Noelle Wurm
Online lessons - Marie-Noelle Wurm

Find the painter inside you with Marie-Noelle

Online lessons

Marie-Noelle is a 'top teacher' on Skillshare!

Why not check out this link to her skill share page with one month of free lessons.

“Marie-Noelle is one of those rare gentle people who speaks her mind and lives her art. A mutual friend recommended her and I fell in love with her work.”

Natasha (Natif Creatif)

Take a look at one of her sketchbooks here

Marie-Noelle Wurm
Marie-Noelle Wurm

Find Marie-Noelle Wurm

Marie-Noelle doesn't have a fixed point of sale , but she is very active on social media (she even has her own Youtube channel here)and you can contact her through all of these links!

She is bilingual French / English and has a good level in German.