Une étoile en plein jour - Une étoile en plein jour

Une étoile en plein jour

Zero waste household articles, decorations and baby accessories from Julie in Nimes

  • Montpellier, France: Based in or near Montpellier
  • Gifts, souvenirs and decorations: Original, high quality objects for you, your place or someone back home
  • Local: Made with local ingredients or raw materials
  • £: Products under £15
  • ££: Products between £15 and £50
Zero waste articles for the house - Une étoile en plein jour

Environmentally friendly, reusable gifts

Zero waste articles for the house

Julie handmakes two types of washable sponges, reducing waste while adding a bit of colour to your kitchen (pictured left). The inside of the sponge consists of rot-proof wadding that does not mildew or get smelly.

The hessian sponge reuses fabric from coffee bags and is used to scrape pots and pans.

The cotton sponge is used to wash plates, tables, cutlery etc. Just pop them in the dishwashed to clean them!

She also handmakes dry hot water bottles with flax seed and rice to warm you up or cool you down (main photo) and reusable plate/bowl coverings to protect food (see below).

For the bathroom - Une étoile en plein jour

For the bathroom

Julie's make-up remover pads and eye masks are soft, practical and ever so pretty.

Her toiletries bags can be for men or women (pictured).

Funky laces - Une étoile en plein jour

Funky laces

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your trainers or a little gift that won't break the bank, these handmade laces are a great idea!

“I bought a washable sponge from 'Une étoile en plein jour' in Pavane, it works just as well as a disposable one and is easy to clean.”

Natasha (Natif Creatif)

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9 Rue Bobby Sands, 30000 Nîmes, France

'Une étoile en plein jour' products are available in Pavane in Montpellier

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